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Date for 2020 Technology Showcase Set

December 17, 2019

Save the Date! The 4th Annual Technology Showcase is scheduled for June 17, 2020. Updates about the event, including announcement of the keynote speaker and featured technologies, will be posted at 2020 Technology Showcase.

TTC Fellowship Opportunity: Marketing and Business Development

November 26, 2019

TTC's Invention Development and Marketing Unit is seeking qualified candidates for a specialized Fellowship focused on business development and marketing. This is an opportunity to be part of a team dedicated to de-risking early-stage technologies and marketing them to potential collaborators and licensees. The Fellowship is designed to develop the unique skills associated with marketing a large patent portfolio within a federal technology transfer office.

Market analysis. Outreach. Creating marketing strategies and campaigns. These are just some of the challenges that TTC's Marketing and Business Development Fellows get to tackle. Learn more:


TTC’s Invention Development and Marketing Unit Announces Winter/Spring 2020 Event Partnering and Outreach Schedule

November 26, 2019

At numerous events throughout the year, TTC’s Invention Development and Marketing Unit (IDMU) proactively engages companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and those biotech stakeholders wishing to commercialize technologies and spur economic development. Find out where IDMU will be in the winter and spring of 2020: TechTransfer Partnering & Outreach Events

Advances involving NCI TIL immunotherapies featured in Nature Biotechnology

August 7, 2019

Advances involving NCI tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) immunotherapies were recently featured in Nature Biotechnology: "Pursuit of tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte immunotherapy speeds up." Research involving TIL immunotherapy is not new, but recent breakthroughs in overcoming some of the challenges associated with it have made it a rapidly developing field. Subtitled: “Mounting evidence of efficacy in metastatic breast cancer and other epithelial tumors is driving clinical and commercial investment in tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes,” the article references the clinical research of Steven Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D. chief of the NCI Surgery Branch, Center Cancer Research (CCR),  and Stephanie Goff, M.D., an associate research physician with the NCI Surgery Branch. The NCI Technology Transfer Center facilitates technology transfer activities for NCI TIL research and discoveries.

"Three Examples That Show Why NCI is a Goldmine of Blockbuster Technologies for Commercialization" featured in BioBuzz

May 28, 2019

Recent NCI collaborations with industry are highlighted in a May 2019 feature article by BioBuzz entitled: "Three Examples That Show Why NCI is a Goldmine of Blockbuster Technologies for Commercialization." The article also highlights the 2019 Technology Showcase on June 12 as an opportunity to learn how to collaborate and license technologies from the NCI and the the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. Learn more about the event, including how to register, at: 2019 Technology Showcase.

“Matching Researchers with Industry to Help Get NIH Inventions to Patients” featured in The NIH Catalyst

May 17, 2019

Three new cancer therapies recently approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) – avelumab (BAVENCIO®), axicabtagene ciloleucel (YESCARTA®) and moxetumomab pasudotox (LUMOXITI™) – are the result of significant efforts by researchers from NCI’s Center for Cancer Research. Read more about these examples of technology transfer at work in the May - June 2019 issue of The NIH Catalyst, a publication about NIH Intramural Research.

Technology Transfer, NCI and Industry Partnerships Featured in MedNous

April 11, 2019

“NCI and Industry: Moving Innovations from the Lab to Patients” was the feature article in March 2019 edition of MedNous, a European biomedical publication.

Illustrated by success stories, the article highlights the potential for NCI discoveries to make a positive impact for the patient. It also details how partnerships between the NCI Labs, TTC, and industry partners accelerate the commercialization process to bring NCI technologies from the lab to the market. MedNous, a publication of Evernow Publishing Ltd., is available via print and online. Read: "NCI and Industry" from MedNous 

2019 Technology Showcase Set for June 12, Keynote Speaker Announced

March 13, 2019

NCI TTC and the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR) will host the 2019 Technology Showcase on June 12.  The third annual event will highlight technologies being developed at the NCI and FNLCR to encourage startup company formation, technology licensing and collaborations. Richard Bendis, President and CEO of BioHealth Innovation, a Maryland public-private partnership focused on accelerating the growth of commercially relevant science, will provide the keynote address. The half-day event will take place at the Advanced Research and Development Facility in Frederick, Maryland. Learn more @ 2019 Technology Showcase

NCI Honored with 2018 “Educational Institution and Federal Laboratory Partnership Award” by FLC Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR)

December 12, 2018

Advances in the rapidly growing field of immunotherapy are being realized as evidenced by several ground-breaking, new therapies brought to market in the last year. A new type of fellowship program conceived by the NCI - the NCI Immunotherapy Fellowship Program - was designed to help train the next-generation of physicians to meet the demands of this quickly expanding field. At its 2018 annual meeting, the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) MAR presented NCI with its “Educational Institution and Federal Laboratory Partnership Award” for “NCI Immunotherapy Co-sponsored by Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer.” 

James Gulley, M.D., Ph.D. of the NCI Center for Cancer Research (CCR), recognized the need to train the next generation of physicians to develop and conduct immunotherapy clinical trials. For today’s up-and-coming oncologists, the basics of immunotherapy taught to them in medical schools does not provide the in-depth preparation needed to meet the demanding and rapid advancements of this high-technology field; however, the breadth and depth of opportunities for training in clinical immunotherapy at the NCI CCR are unsurpassed. One of the major issues in making this immunotherapy fellowship a reality concerned finding funds to support the fellowship. Though the novel use of the CRADA mechanism, a partnership with the Society of Immunotherapy in Cancer (SITC), and support by an existing CRADA partner, NCI created a new fellowship program to meet an unmet training need. To date, two fellows have successfully completed the NCI Immunotherapy Fellowship, and both transitioned into roles where they can make a positive impact in the field of cancer immunotherapy. 

Congratulations to the following award winners:

NCI Scientific Team:
Drs. James Gulley, Marijo Bilusic, Ravi Madan, and Christian Hinrichs

NCI TTC and NCI Ethics:
Drs. Michael Pollack, Laura Henmueller, Kathleen Carroll and Mr. Eric Hale

Dr. Howard Kaufman



TTC Fellow Named 2018 Technology Transfer “Rookie of the Year” by the FLC MAR

December 12, 2018

TTC's Sidra Ahsan, Ph.D., received the FLC MAR 2018 "Rookie of the Year Award," presented at the FLC MAR regional meeting. This FLC award recognizes the efforts of an FLC laboratory technology transfer (TT) professional who has demonstrated “outstanding work in the field of technology transfer in a manner significantly over and above what was called for in the normal course of their work during the past year.” The nominee must be new to technology transfer, with three years (or less) experience in a TT position. 

Notable Technology Transfer Contributions

In less than two years with TTC, Sidra Ahsan, Ph.D., is making a significant, positive impact on behalf of NCI. Dr. Ahsan, a technology transfer manager and TTC fellow, has diligently endeavored to increase her knowledge and application of technology transfer. The volume and scope of projects that she has tackled in her short tenure has helped position NCI to meet its mission today and in the future. Dr. Ahsan has taken on a wide-range of projects involving both extramural partnerships and intramural labs and managed several clinical trial agreements that helped advance testing of important, new therapies. Dr. Ahsan supports investigators from NCI’s Center for Cancer Research (CCR) and the NCI Division of Cancer Prevention (DCP). In the last year, Dr. Ahsan negotiated several CRADAs, Clinical Trial Agreements, and amendments for CCR and DCP. These agreements made possible the initiation of four important clinical trials examining: therapies for breast cancer, a rare brain cancer, colon cancer prevention, and ovarian cancer development and progression.

Dr. Ahsan also contributed to several TTC working groups and passed the USPTO registration exam to become a registered patent agent in 2018. “I believe that Sidra’s notable accomplishments reflect the high-level of TT work taking place in our office every day,” commented TTC Director Dr. Thomas Stackhouse. Congratulations to Sidra on a well-deserved accomplishment, and thanks to those in TTC who have mentored her and supported her success.