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New Video Dispels Myths About Partnering with NIH

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Mythbusting: the Truth Behind Partnering with the NIH

NCI TTC recently launched a new video geared toward prospective collaborators. It dispels common myths around partnering with NIH and working with NIH's technology transfer offices. “Mythbusting: The Truth Behind Partnering with the NIH" addresses the kind of research that goes on at NIH and sheds light on the types of commercialization partners that NIH works with. In the video, common myths are addressed, such as:

  • NIH only does Basic Research
  • NIH only develops drugs from the NIH
  • NIH only works with academic institutions

If you’re a prospective partner, we invite you to explore our available technologies. If you’re an NIH investigator who would like to find a partner for your technology, please visit our investigators page to learn more.