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Partnering with NCI Through Technology Transfer

Did you know that NIH has an expansive collection of leading-edge discoveries and inventions that can be accessed through NIH’s technology transfer offices, including the Technology Transfer Center (TTC) at the NCI? TTC manages technology transfer services for NCI and nine other NIH Institutes and Centers. Our mission is to enable and guide collaboration, invention development, and licensing to advance today’s discoveries into tomorrow’s medical care. We look forward to meeting our mission and guiding you through the partnering process.

  • Partnering Overview

    Learn about partnerships with NCI and nine other NIH institutes and Centers served by the NCI Technology Transfer Center

  • Transactional Agreements

    Access a summary of transactional agreements negotiated by the NCI's Technology Transfer Center.

  • Co-Development Agreements

    Learn about the three different co-development agreements TTC uses to help industry and academia interact and partner with National Institutes of Health laboratories and scientists to support technology development activities.

  • License Agreements

    NCI Technology Transfer Center (TTC) licenses the discoveries of NCI and nine other NIH Institutes so new technologies can be developed and commercialized, to convert them into public health benefits.

  • SBIR Tech Transfer

    NCI's SBIR-TT combines Small Business Innovation Research grants with NCI intramural research discoveries for commercialization.