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The NCI Technology Transfer Center (TTC) provides technology transfer services to investigators at NCI and 9 other NIH Institutes/Centers. TTC negotiates transactional agreements, collaborative agreements and licenses with universities, non-profit organizations, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. 

After determining which technology transfer mechanism is appropriate to facilitate a specific need, TTC negotiates the agreement and ensures that it is compliant with federal statutes, regulations, and NIH policies. Along with agreements, TTC reviews Employee Invention Reports (EIRs) and makes recommendations for filing domestic and foreign patent applications.

Have an idea or want to know what TT agreement is right for you? If you have a tech transfer need, please contact your Technology Transfer Manager (TTM) before beginning the activity.

Or, if you're interested in learning more about technology transfer and building your lab to market skill set, review TTC Training opportunities for NIH investigators or explore the topics below.

  • Intellectual Property

    The National Cancer Institute relies on patents as its primary form of Intellectual Property protection for inventions and discoveries originating from NCI scientists and laboratories.

  • Inventions

    Learn what an invention is, how to report inventions using an EIR, what a disclosure is, and how disclosures impact patenting, invention development, royalties, and resources for investigators.

  • Patent Process: What, How, and Why

    Timely reporting of discoveries is critical to avoid loss of patent protection and inadvertent disclosure

  • Publications, Copyright, and Trademarks

    Publications, Copyright, and Trademarks for NIH government employees

  • Information for Extramural Grantees & Contractors

    Inventions made under NIH extramural grants and contracts are generally owned by the funded institution. Learn about the grant process and components of grant applications.