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Licensing Policies

Until October 1, 2015, the NIH Office of Technology Transfer had the lead responsibility at NIH for licensing intramural and extramural intellectual property. NIH patent and license functions were recently decentralized from the Office of Technology Transfer to individual NIH Institutes/Centers. The NCI Technology Transfer Center now has authority for licensing, patents, and co-development agreements for NCI and nine other ICs. 
The NIH Office of Technology Transfer continues its policy-related duties, including the following:
  • Serving as the focal point for NIH comment (through the NIH Office of Legislative and Policy Analysis) on legislative proposals regarding technology transfer and intellectual property policy;
  • Serving as coordinator for any updates to the Public Health Service Technology Transfer Manual
Additionally, OTT makes determinations on behalf of NIH related to certain inventorship rights, including:
  • Waiver of rights to an NIH invention to the employee inventor (EIW);
  • Waiver of rights to a grantee/contractor subject invention to the inventor;
  • Waiver of the US manufacturing requirement; and
  • Assignment of title to a grantee/contractor subject invention to third parties.
Thursday, February 11, 2016