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TTC Fellowship Program

The TTC has two types of fellowship opportunities in the field of technology transfer available to qualified candidates. TTC's Fellowship Program builds upon your science, legal, and/or business background to create a new competency in technology transfer. The fellowship can prepare you for technology transfer positions within academia, industry, or the federal government. Other federal employment opportunities, including technology transfer positions, are listed online at usajobs.  

Opportunity 1: Technology Transfer Negotiator (Rockville or Frederick, MD offices)

Candidate responsibilities:

  • Drafting and negotiating Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAS) for NCI scientists and their industrial/academic research partners
  • Planning and negotiating Material Transfer Agreements (MTAS), Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAS) and other technology transfer agreements
  • Managing patent prosecution and licensing of inventions of developed technologies
  • Development of technology transfer educational programs for scientists
  • Overseeing patent related issues for NCI scientists
  • Other duties as pertaining to intellectual property management and technology transfer

MINIMUM REquirements:

  • An advanced degree in at least one of the following areas: medicine, physical or biological sciences, law, business, economics, or public health. All  candidates must have a background in the sciences, biological or biomedical sciences preferred;
  • Have received most current degree within the last eight years;
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident (must hold green card) eligible for citizenship within four years;
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills.

Opportunity 2: Invention Development & Marketing (Rockville or Frederick, MD offices)

The TTC is responsible for negotiating agreements, promoting research and the development of partnerships with NCI scientists, and the patenting and licensing of NCI technologies. Within TTC, the Invention Development and Marketing Unit (IDMU) is dedicated to market analysis, awareness, and outreach for research and development opportunities associated with NCI’s portfolio of technologies. The outreach is to potential collaborators, licensees, investors, and other stakeholders. This experience prepares the Fellow for business development and investment positions within industry, financial entities, or non-profits – as well as federal government or university technology transfer offices. This fellowship opportunity is designed to develop the unique skills primarily involving the anaylsis, marketing and outreach for a large portfolio of technologies. There is also opportunity to obtain familiarity with traditional negotiating of technology transfer agreements.

Candidate responsibilities:

  • Working on marketing and competitive landscape analysis;
  • Developing creative and descriptive marketing strategies to attract research partners, and generating leads for technologies;
  • Developing comprehensive understanding of technology portfolio to serve as subject matter expert;
  • Advising intramural researchers on technology development strategies;
  • Monitoring responses to marketing campaigns and developing business relationships with stakeholders; 
  • Acting as a liaison between the NCI and outside parties requesting additional information of collaborative/ partnering opportunities;
  • Acquiring familiarity with traditional technology transfer negotiations; e.g., Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) and licensing;
  • Regional and national travel to meetings/conferences for technology marketing and partnership lead generation;
  • Working with technology managers and unit members to review technology descriptions and track review process/status for website publication.

MINIMUM REquirements:

  • An advanced degree in the sciences, law, business, economics, or public health. Candidates must have a background in the sciences;
  • Ph.D. preferred; MBA or other business training (e.g., coursework or internship) desired;
  • Have received most current degree within the last eight years;
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident (must hold green card) eligible for citizenship within four years;
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills.


    Stipends are determined by the level of education and number of years of post-graduate experience, and change year-to-year. Starting stipends are higher with relevant work experience in technology transfer and/or additional, applicable degrees. Stipends are paid monthly in arrears. Health benefits are provided. Annual stipend increases may be given on the Fellow's anniversary date. 

    How to Apply

    Note: The TTC has offices in Rockville and Frederick, MD. Applicants should indicate the position(s) and location(s) of interest in their application. 

    Submit a resume or CV, a statement explaining why you are interested in the TTC fellowship program, and two letters of recommendation by one of the following means: 

    • E-mail:
    • Fax:  Attention: TTC Fellowship Coordinator (fax#240-276-5504)
    • Mail: 
      Attention: TTC Fellowship Coordinator 
      Technology Transfer Center 
      National Cancer Institute 
      9609 Medical Center Drive, RM 1E-530, MSC 9702
      Rockville, MD 20852
    Thursday, August 16, 2018