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Negotiator Fellowship

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The Technology Transfer Negotiator fellowship provides the opportunity to apply a science, legal, or business background with a new career in technology transfer.

TTC is responsible for negotiating agreements, promoting research partnerships with NIH scientists, and the patenting and licensing of NIH technologies. This experience prepares the Fellow for technology transfer positions within universities, industry, or the federal government.


  • Drafting and negotiating Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) for NCI scientists and their industrial/academic research partners
  • Drafting and negotiating licenses for NCI technologies; Planning and negotiating Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), Clinical Trial Agreements (CTAs) and other technology transfer agreements
  • Managing patent prosecution of inventions and overseeing patent related issues for NCI scientists
  • Developing technology transfer educational programs for scientists
  • Working with TTC’s Technology Analysis and Marketing Unit, NCI researchers and outside parties to help foster commercialization of technologies and collaborative/partnering opportunities
  • Other duties as pertaining to intellectual property management and technology transfer

Minimum Requirements

All candidates must have

  • A background in science
  • An advanced degree in the sciences, law, business, or public health
  • Received most current degree within the last 8 years
  • U.S. citizenship or is a permanent resident (must hold green card) eligible for citizenship within four years
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills


Stipends are determined by the level of education and number of years of experience post-graduation and technology transfer. Starting stipends for those with no experience are: Master's degree $48,600; Ph.D. $63,900.

Starting stipends are higher with relevant work experience in technology transfer and/or additional, applicable degrees. Stipends are paid monthly in arrears. Health benefits are provided. Annual stipend increases may be given on the Fellow's anniversary date.

How to Apply

Email the following Ruth Simpkins at

Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

HHS/NIH/NCI are Equal Opportunity Employers.

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