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Technology Transfer University (TTU)

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Technology Transfer University (TTU) is a unique opportunity to learn more about technology transfer from NIH's TT experts. 

About TTU

TTU is a free, one day per week course that runs for seven weeks every Spring. 

Expert instructors from the National Institutes for Health (NIH) cover topics such as:

  • Basic principles of intellectual property law
  • Technology transfer-specific laws
  • Technology transfer agreements (including a section on CRADAs)
  • Human subject considerations in T2 agreements
  • Patenting processes and licenses, software, contract and grant-related issues 
  • Technology transfer marketing
  • Customer service & negotiation techniques

Who Should Join TTU

TTU is open to NIH employees that are:

  • New to NIH intramural technology transfer and want to learn more about the field
  • Technology transfer professionals looking to expand their knowledge in key areas
  • Working in another field at NIH and considering technology transfer as a career

Location and Registration

TTU is available in-person at NCI's Shady Grove campus and online via Zoom. 

To learn more and register for Spring 2024, please send an email to Nikki Guyton, PhD at

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