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Research Tools and Materials

Research tools, also called research resources or research materials, are biological or other materials that are primarily useful for research purposes.

Research Tools Are…

  • primarily useful for research purposes, such as in data related to the elucidation of disease mechanisms or to drug discovery;
  • by definition finished products that often do not require further development time and development costs in order to be utilized; or
  • broadly enabling inventions, useful in developing multiple products in numerous disciplines, rather than a single project-specific or product-specific use.

Access Research Tools and Materials 

  • Advertised in TTC's Available Technologies and described in scientific publications
  • Freely available to non-profits and universities through a Material Transfer Agreement (or other appropriate mechanism)
  • Available via licensing to companies

Types of Research Tools and Materials

  • Animal Models
  • Antibodies
  • Cell Lines
  • Libraries
  • Peptides/Proteins
  • Nucleic Acids/Vectors
  • Assays
  • Small Molecules
  • and more!

Research Resources Available to Researchers

Examples of available research resources:

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