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Partnering with NIH to Bring Innovations to Market Video

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An image of two people holding gears that are connected to other moving gears and centered around a lightbulb and an image of a handshake, conveys the things that must work together for the NCI to bring innovations to market through partnering. This image is cover for a video on that topic.

Why should you work with the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? This new video features some of the top ways to partner with NIH, facilitated by our Technology Transfer offices, including the NCI Technology Transfer Center (TTC). TTC supports labs from NCI and nine additional NIH Institutes and Centers. 

At NIH, we partner with organizations and companies around the world to bring exciting new products to market to improve public health. When you are ready to partner, our technology transfer staff will guide you through the process including recommending the best type of technology transfer agreements spanning confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs), cooperative research and development agreements (CRADAs), material and data transfers, and licensing. These mechanisms allow companies and organizations access to NIH researchers, resources, and new technologies. 

Learn more by watching the video. You can tap into NIH’s leading-edge research by exploring the available technologies from NCI TTC and the NIH Office of Technology Transfer.