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FLC Lab Tech in Your Life

An image of a hospital lobby that appears in the Federal Laboratory Consortium's video "Lab Tech in Your Life" is a setting where viewers can explore federally funded technologies.

An image of a hospital lobby that appears in the Federal Laboratory Consortium-produced virtual environment "Lab Tech in Your Life" is the setting and point of entry for viewers to explore NIH and other federally funded technologies that are in use.

Explore NIH inventions and learn more about how they are helping patients in the clinic in new "FLC Lab Tech in Your Life" Virtual Hospital.

FLC "Lab Tech in Your Life" Virtual Hospital Allows for Exploration of NIH and Federally Funded Technologies 

Did you know that you encounter NIH inventions in real life? The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) has created “Lab Tech in Your Life,” a virtual city where you can explore technologies developed/co-developed by NIH investigators and whose commercialization was supported by NIH technology transfer experts and industry partners. The FLC for Technology Transfer is the formally chartered, nationwide network of over 300 federal laboratories, agencies and research centers that fosters commercialization, best practice strategies and opportunities for accelerating federal technologies out of the labs and into the marketplace.

Recently, FLC added “Lab Tech in Med,” a virtual hospital where you can discover how federal technologies are being used in a clinical setting. Viewers can take a walk through various rooms in the hospital and click on different equipment and medicines to learn how these products were brought to market. Visit the exam room and the cancer treatment room to see NCI and TTC Client Institute technologies and learn more about technologies patients are encountering in the clinic.

To start your own partnership with NCI or TTC’s NIH Client Institutes, visit Available Technologies. Or, if you’re an NIH investigator who would like to bring your research to market, visit TTC’s Investigators page to learn more.

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