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The Technology Transfer Center's Invention Development and Marketing Unit (IDMU) proactively networks with companies, universities, non-profits, and other outside organizations to learn more about their technology needs and educate them about the benefits of partnering with NIH. We look foreward to meeting with you when we participate at a number of public events throughout the year:


  • 2018 BIO International Convention (June 4-7, 2018)
    • 1:1 Business Forum Partnering with Dr. Robert Sons, of the NCI TTC Invention Development and Marketing Unit
    • 1:1 Exhibit Partnering with Drs. Michael Salgaller and John Hewes of the NCI TTC Invention Development and Marketing Unit
    • Meet us at the NCI Exhibit
    • Meet the Experts discussions on NCI patnering at the NCI Exhibit 
  • AACR 2018 Annual Meeting (April 14-18, 2018) 
    • Meet technology transfer specialists at the NCI Exhibit #1400
    • Meet the Experts discussions on NCI patnering at the NCI Exhibit #1400
    • Panel Session: Training in Technology Transfer, Tuesday April 15th (time and location TBD)
    • Panel Session: Technology Transfer, Monday April 14th  (time and location TBD)
  • Toronto Health Innovation Week (April 9-13, 2018)
    • Dr. Michael Salgeller (NCI TTC Invention Development and Marketing Unit) will join Lakshmi Krishnan (NRC) and Danielle Peters (Magnet Strategies) to discuss "Why Should Companies Partner with National Labs?" at the 2:45 PM Workshop on April 9th.​
  • JPMorgan Healthcare Conference/Biotech Showcase (01/08-01/11/2018) After 35 years, JPMorgan and the concurrent Biotech Showcase represent the largest healthcare industry/investment event in the sector. These investor and networking conferences are focused on providing private and public biotechnology and life sciences companies with an opportunity to present to, and meet with, investors, biotech/pharm executives, and other stakeholders – at locations throughout downtown San Francisco. Dr. Michael Salgaller of the Invention Development and Marketing Unit of TTC will hold numerous 1:1 meetings for licensing and agreement lead opportunities. Partnering meetings can be arranged via
  • Vaccine West Coast Congress (11/30-12/01/2017) Dr. Michael Salgaller of the Invention Development and Marketing Unit of TTC will join the top decision makers of the vaccine and immunotherapy world at the World Vaccine & Immunotherapy Congress in San Diego 11/30 - 12/01/2017. Dr. Salgaller will be part of the panel session “Challenges & Opportunities in Securing Government Funding in 2017.” The session will be of interest to those stakeholders interested in learning more about how companies partner with NIH's to benefit their pipelines and bottom lines.
  • MassBio NIH Tech Transfer Forum (11/15/2017) "The NIH is Open for Business - Leveraging the NIH for Technology Development and Commercial Success including one-on-one Meeting Opportunities" will feature representatives from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The speakers will provide an overview of how a wide range of stakeholders can work with NIH, as well as the value-add it brings to advancing cutting-edge research to the patient and marketplace with drugs, med-tech (including wearables), diagnostics, digital health and combination products. To schedule a 15 minute 1:1 meeting with any of the representatives, please contact Susan Silberman directly at Timeslots are limited and will be assigned on a first come basis.
  • Texas Life Sciences Forum (11/7)
  • Academic Drug Discovery Colloquium (10/12-10/13)
  • September 25-27, 2017BioPharm America 2017 is the 10th Annual International Partnering Conference that assembles a wide representation of the healthcare and biopharmaceutical ecosystem. Drs. Michael Salgaller and Robert Sons of the NCI TTC Invention Development and Marketing Unit (IDMU) are attending. Dr. Salgaller is participating in a Strategy and Business Track panel on “Alternative Financing and Venture Philanthropy” on Tuesday, September 26th at 11:15am. Both are scheduling partnering meetings with key stakeholders in industry, investment, foundations, economic development, and entrepreneurship. In addition, Dr. Jay Berzofsky, Chief of NCI’s Vaccine Branch. Dr. Berzofsky is presenting a keynote during the Translational Impact Forum on Tuesday, September 26th at 9am. BioPharm America is a major annual meeting where biotech industry partnerships begin. It provides an ideal venue to meet face-to-face with biotech and pharma executives from around the world, to identify and to foster strategic alliances.
  • June 7, 2017. The 2017 Technology Showcase was an inaugural, half-day event on in Frederick, MD that showcased technologies being developed at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR). The partnering and networking sessions encouraged technology collaborations. View/download Presentations
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