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When Inventors Leave the NIH

When inventors at NCI are leaving, there are several key points to keep in mind and clarify with NCI TTC: 
  • Invention reporting: you must assure you have reported any invention of discovery while at NCI prior to departure.
  • Continued assistance in patent process: if you have been named on as an inventor on any patent application or patent during your employment at NCI you will be expected to provide ongoing assistance related to filed patents (signing assignments, assistance with responses to PTO etc.).
  • Update of Address: you need keep NCI updated on any change of address in the future. Instructions for inventors in providing banking and contact information are addressed in an OFM narrative on the NIH Royalty Program. You are also expected to provide the NIH with any change of address for royalty distribution purposes. If you move, or change financial institutions, you must notify Johanna Grodzicki of these changes. This is your responsibility. Royalty checks and direct deposits sent to old addresses and invalid account numbers are returned to the U.S. Treasury. This will cause a delay in receiving your royalty payment. 

    If you have new banking information, complete the SF-3881 ACH Vendor form and return to Johanna Grodzicki at the address below:

    OFM Royalty Coordinator 
    National Institutes of Health 
    Government Accounting Branch 
    Building 31, Room B1B05 
    31 Center Drive, MSC 2050 
    Bethesda, Maryland 20892-2050