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Inventor Royalties

NIH inventions including patented inventions and patent-pending inventions will be published at Federal Register and are available for licensing. Inventors will receive royalties on patented invention or patent application when it is licensed to an outside organization. The distribution of NIH license royalties is calculated by NIH standard formula. No NIH inventor may receive more than $150,000 total in royalty income in a given year. Amounts in excess of this cap are distributed to co-inventors (unless they also cap, in which case the royalties flow back to the Institute or Center). Even if you leave government employment, you are still entitled to your royalty share. If you have questions, please contact us or contact your royalty coordinator (see below). Please see Royalty forms.  

Form Name PDF Download
SF-3881 - ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form PDF
W-9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification PDF
Karen Rogers (Administers Inter-Institutional Agreements/Team Lead)
Senior Royalties Administrator
Phone: 301-435-4359
Kimberly Lambert (Administers Royalties for Licensees #A - F)
Royalties Coordinator
Phone: 301-435-2840
Melborne Moon (Administers Royalties for Licensees G - N)
Royalties Coordinator
Phone: 301-402-4902
Debbie Collins (Administers Royalties for Licensees O - Z)
Senior Royalties Coordinator
Phone: 301-594-2366
Brian Schwetz (Administers Royalties for CDC Licensees)
CDC Unit Royalties Coordinator
Phone: 301-451-0061