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2017 Technology Showcase Presentations

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The technologies featured at the 2017 Technology Showcase can be found in the Available Technologies section of this web site.

  1. “DICOM Tool, a Quantitation Java Application for the Argus/BioPET Preclinical PET/CT Scanner” (E-138-2015) by Steven Adler, Ph.D., Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR), Clinical Monitoring Research Program  
  2. “Developing Vaccines Against Human Polyomaviruses” (E-168-2001) by Chris Buck, Ph.D., Laboratory of Cellular Oncology, NCI, Center for Cancer Research (CCR)
  3. “Ability to Produce Custom Antibodies” (E-079-2008) by Dimiter Dimitrov, Ph.D., formerly of the Cancer and Inflammation Program, NCI, CCR 
  4. “New Insect Cell Technologies for High-quality and High-yield Production of Therapeutically Relevant Proteins” (E-009-2008, E-287-2012, E-146-2017) by Dominic Esposito, Ph.D.(link is external), FNLCR RAS Initiative
  5. “Enhancing Cancer Immunotherapy by Epigenetically Reprogramming Tumor-Reactive CD8+ T Cells with the Polycomb-like Protein Phf19” (E-107-2017) by Luca Gattinoni, M.D. (Principal Investigator) and Yun Ji, Ph.D(Staff Scientist), Experimental Transplantation and Immunology Branch, NCI, CCR
  6. “Biomarkers to Better Predict Cancer Survival" (E-025-2009) by Stephen Hewitt, M.D., Ph.D., Laboratory of Experimental Pathology, NCI, CCR
  7. “Novel Immuno-Oncology Therapy Targeting Glypican-2 in Neuroblastoma” (E-211-2016) by Mitchell Ho, Ph.D., Laboratory of Molecular Biology, NCI, CCR
  8. “HMGN1” (E-185-2008) by Joost Oppenheim, M.D., Cancer and Inflammation Program, NCI, CCR
  9. “CD276 Antibody” (E-250-2014) by Brad St. Croix, Ph.D., Mouse Cancer Genetics Program, NCI, CCR
  10. “Stable Isotope Tracer Method for Evaluation of Nanomedicine Pharmacokinetics and Bioequivalence” (E-163-2016) by Stephan Stern, Ph.D., FNLCR, Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory

If you would like more information about NCI or FNLCR technologies, including those featured at the 2017 Technology Showcase, please email us at or call 301-624-8775.


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